Even my router has a IP address ?

Yes, that’s correct. Your router has an IP address as well. In a typical home network setup, the router acts as a central hub that connects all the devices in your home to the internet. It has two main IP addresses:

Local IP Address (Internal): This is the IP address assigned to the router within your home network. It’s often in the form of “192.168.x.x” and is used to identify the router on your local network. Devices within your home, like your computer, smartphone, or smart TV, communicate with the router using this local IP address.

Public IP Address (External): This is the IP address assigned to your router by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It’s the address that the broader internet uses to send data to your home network. This IP address is unique to your home network and is how external devices and services on the internet identify your network.

When you connect to the internet, your router acts as an intermediary between your devices and the internet, managing the flow of data between them. The local IP address is used internally for communication within your home network, while the public IP address is used for communication with the wider internet.

To find the local IP address of your router, you can usually check the router’s settings through a web browser. The public IP address can be determined by searching “What is my IP address” in a search engine from a device within your home network.

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