Very Bad Advice…..

I hope you find this as funny as I do …

You probably know who Jimmy Fallon is, right?

If not, he’s an American late night talk show host and …

He does a weekly segment called “hashtags” where he asks people on Twitter to share a funny or weird story that relates to a #hashtag topic for that week.

Well, one of the more memorable hashtags I saw him do was #BadAdvice and he asked people to tweet about some bad advice they got from somebody in their life.

Here were a few of my favorites.

My dad used to say, “if you have a bad cough, take a laxitive – then you’ll be afraid to cough”

My grandpa once told me not to use my blinker when driving because “it’s no one’s business where you’re going”

A guy at work tried to give me marriage advice, and finished with “trust me, I’ve been married three times.”

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