5 reasons blogging is still relevant in 2022….Check #3

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3. Relatable, insuppressible content

Even company blogs tend to be written in a manner that conveys personality. Personality makes things relatable to other humans. While writers are likely to have an agenda, or show bias, the deep sense of the person beneath the words allows readers to agree or disagree with them. And both can be good! Provoking a reaction is what writing in this space is all about.

From a company standpoint, where readers might reserve more skepticism towards the ‘views’ of a company, an individual writer will exude an authenticity that transcends their words, and therefore has a great (okay, let’s agree on moderate) influence on the reader.

Not only this but, as we mentioned in the first line, freedom of expression is more important than ever. Blogs are perhaps the one written medium that allows succinct and articulate points to be made by anyone and published for everyone. There is no censorship in personal blogs, and this can be a huge virtue in a world where so many news outlets have agendas. This is something we should cling to, and nurture to ensure it doesn’t ever die out.

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