3 Replies to “~~ Our Leader Cracks UP !”

    1. I tried to make it clear that I have used fb for about 15 or more years.. never ever put anything political , sexual or anything,
      Fb is so wierd, or some someone doesn’t like you,,,, they report whatever,,, so am done with fb, and starting my own !! thanks for being a subscriber..

      1. I totally understand about FB! They suck and trying to put any sort of affiliate link on your business page they block, like every ‘make money online’ product/program is a scam. While I understand that, people need to take their time and do their research because most programs are legit and you can make money, but just like any business or job, it takes work and most people that I have come across don’t want to do the work! If they could just put up a website/landing page, drive traffic to it and be a millionaire at the end of the week, that would be awesome! It just doesn’t quite work like that! But hey, if someone finds that, than let me know so I can jump right on it! Along with everyone else…🤣 Sorry…sometimes I find myself going on a rant and look back at my post and think, that person probably thinks I’m a nut job!

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