5 reasons blogging is still relevant in 2022 ~ see #4

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4. Constant evolution
Ever since their conception just over 20 years ago, blogs have been constantly evolving. Initially, they were almost like diaries (or ‘logs’), hence the eventual merge/contraction of web and log into ‘blog’. It was only around 10 years ago that they were properly picked up as the form of marketing they’re so often used as today. But they’re still evolving, and it seems unlikely they’ll stop, as long as people find new ways to share information online.

It’s this constant evolution that sees them stay fresh, and find new uses, audiences, and potential. Some are
enduring, others are not. One thing is clear though, they are currently an integral part of the arsenal of tools used by influencers.

Indeed, some of the biggest influencers are bloggers. Companies use influencer bloggers for several reasons. Mainly, to reach the audience of the influencer, who will have been chosen specifically because of the audience they attract.

But beyond this, endorsements have value in and of themselves. When you’re googling a review for a free-standing mixer, who do you trust more? An influencer chef who is also passionate about the product, and uses it every day, or the company that makes it? An influencer review blog also comes with the added benefit of the influencers picking up on something they love about the product that might be missed by a marketing department who don’t use it every day.

Blogs aren’t just evolving because of influencers, though. The content of blogs themselves is always changing. Think of how many blogs these days include mixed media (videos, audio, recipes, even unique photos, and artwork).

By following the trends, you’ll notice what others do, and even start applying some of your own unique ideas. You will be part of the evolution of blogs themselves. And where there’s still evolution, there is definitely still opportunity.

5 reasons blogging is still relevant in 2022 ~ see #4

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